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清点那些外国人听了神烦的美国常用语,英语的音标,1. Whatever
随便,Non-Americans take offense when someone says, "whatever" because it is insulting.
除了美国人以外的其他人都很排挤听到“Whatever”这个词,由于这是种侮辱。,If someone visiting the U.S. asks a question or makes a statement and gets "whatever" as a response, it means the person responding doesn't care what the foreigner has to say.
若是某人在去美国的时刻,问了一个问题或者说了什么话获得“Whatever”这个回覆的话,就意味着回覆他的那小我私人基本不在意他说了什么。,When using this word, you're basically saying that you don't care what the person has to say.
当你再用这个词的时刻,你基本上是在说你基本不在意那小我私人说了什么。,So please don't be rude and don't channel your inner "Clueless."
以是不要太卤莽,别将你心里的“自我”心理显示出来。,2. You Know
你知道的,One popular but confusing phrase is, "you know."
一个常用而且容易混淆的词就是“You Know.”,A popular phrase among the American youth and valley girls, it can be really annoying to the listener, especially if he or she doesn't completely understand what you're talking about.
这是个美国青年跟山谷女孩之间常用的词,对听者来说,这个词真的很烦,尤其是用在若是他或者她没有完全明了你在说什么的时刻。,Saying "you know" is like asking, "Are you listening?" or "Do you understand?" Just think how annoying that would be.
说“You know,”就似乎是在说:“你有在听吗?”或者“你听明了了吗?”只要想想就知道有多恼火了。,3. No Way
没门儿,When people hear this term, they feel like they have to defend what they're saying and explain it further.
别人听到这个词的时刻,会以为自己必须要为自己的话辩解,于是注释得更多。,Foreigners consider the term "no way" as an ignorant response because the person can't think of anything else to say.
外国人以为“Mo way”这个词是一种无视别人的回覆,由于这个词会让别人无话可说。,Responding with "no way" basically means that you don't believe what a person is telling you.
用“No way”这个词回覆的话基本上就意味着你不信托那小我私人所说的话。,4. Like
 ,Th traditional use of the word "like" is a synonym for "such as" or as a verb but the overuse of the word as a meaningless filler is very annoying to foreigners.
“Like”传统上是“好比”的同义词或者是用作动词的,然则太过使用这个词作为没有意义的副词的话就会让外国人以为很烦。,For instance, if you said, "He worked like 15 hours straight," a foreigner would consider this a bad habit or careless way of speaking.
好比说,若是你说:“他似乎事情了15个小时,”外国人就会以为你这是一种欠好的习惯或者是一种不严谨的语言方式。,5. Good Luck with That
祝你好运,"Good luck with that" is a dismissive phrase that means you don't care what happens and you're glad it's not you that has to deal with the problem.
“祝你好运”是一个很不屑的短语,意思是你基本不在乎会发生什么或者你很喜悦遇到穷苦的那小我私人不是你。,It offers no help to the person who has the problem and you're brushing them off instead of helping.
这句话不仅不会给谁人遇到难题的人任何辅助,反而会袭击到他们。,6. My Bad
我的错,Foreigners consider "my bad" as an easy out, rather than a sincere apology for a mistake.
外国人以为“我的错”很容易说出口,而不是由于犯错了而至心地致歉。,If you do something that's wrong or made a mistake and you say, "my bad," you're telling the other person to get over it and move on.
若是你做错了什么事或者犯了什么错,然后你说“我的错”的话,你就是在告诉别人忘记已往往前看。,Foreigners find this response rude and uncaring.
外国人会以为这个回覆既卤莽又很不屑。,7. What's Up
怎么啦,When people from other countries hear, "what's up?” they consider it a dismissive phrase.
其余国家的人听到“what's up?”的时刻,他们以为这是句很不屑的话。,What's Up is a substitution for the traditional greeting "hello" but gives the impression that you don't care what the person is doing.
What’s up 传统上是用来取代“Hello”这个词来示意问候的,然则给人一种不在意别人在做什么的感受。
The person answering the question feels the only response is "nothing" meaning the person asking doesn't truly care!
回覆问题的那小我私人会以为只有“nothing”这个回覆才意味着谁人问问题的人真的不在意。,8. Freak Out
吓死了,The term, "freak out" means you're in a panic over something that happened.
“Freak out”这个词意味着你对那时所发生的事情绪应很恐慌。,Foreigners find this term off-putting because it is overused.
外国人很烦这个词,由于它被太过使用。,Freaking out is supposed to mean out of control or manic but it's usually used in situations when a person is excited over something.
“Freak out”这个词原本是示意失控或者狂躁,然则现在通常用来示意某人由于某事很激动。,9. Least Worst Option
最佳选择,This paradoxical expression just confuses matters, especially if you're saying it to a person from another country.
这个矛盾的表达只是在混淆视听,尤其是你在跟其余国家的人说这句话的时刻。,It means that something is the best choice from a list of bad options.
这句话的意思是在一些欠好的选择内里做出最好的选择。,For example, "This English assignment is the "least worst option" on the teacher's assignment list."
好比说:“这份 英语作业是先生的作业清单里的‘最佳选择’。”,10. It Is What It Is
事情就是这样,The phrase, "It is what it is," means that there is nothing you can do about it and it doesn't matter.
这个短语:“事情就是这样,”意思是你无能为力而且这没什么大不了。,If you use this term, you're saying that you're helpless to change anything, instead of offering a solution.
若是你用这个短语的话,那你就是在说你无能为力,也无法提供解决设施。,This is very annoying, especially if you use it in a business atmosphere.