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Summer is here, and it’s hot as blazes! (That means the weather is extremely hot).
又是炎天啦,天气又热如火焰(Blazes意思就是天气热得像火焰一样)!,Here are 15 English words and expressions using the word hot:
下面就向人人先容15个与“hot”相关火辣辣的单词:,那些与,1 – hotline
热线,A hotline is a telephone line that gives quick and direct access to help or information. For example, the police might have a domestic abuse hotline that people can call if they are being hurt in their homes by family members. A city might have a tourism hotline that tourists can call to get information.
热线呢,就是能够提供快速直接的辅助与信息的电话专线。好比说,警方可能设置反家庭荼毒热线,以便那些在家中或者是受抵家庭成员荼毒的人拨入求助。一座都会也可能会有游客专线,为游客提供信息。,2 – hotbed
温床,A hotbed is a place that provides especially good conditions for something to grow or develop. The thing that develops can be bad or good – for example, a department in the government can be a hotbed of corruption, or an area like Silicon Valley can be a hotbed of innovation.
温床即能够为事物的成永生长提供优越条件的地方。这个事物可以是好的也可以是坏的——例如,政府中的某个部门可以是溃烂滋生的温床,同时像硅谷这样的地方也可以成为创新的温床。,3 – hotshot
 ,The word hotshot describes a person who is very skilled and successful… and often implies that this person is very confident and maybe a bit arrogant, showing off their success. My friend’s father is a hotshot lawyer who has worked on some of the most famous cases in the country.
Hotshot这个词用来形貌十分有实力且乐成的人…用这个词通常意味着所指之人异常自信,另有可能有一点高慢,乱显摆自己的功业。我同伙的父亲是一位律界精英,曾经处置过一些著名天下的案例。,4 – hotheaded
易激动的,A person who is hotheaded is easily angered; they are quick to lose their temper. I once had a hotheaded client who would yell at me for making a mistake.
若是一小我私人是hotheaded,他对照容易生气,情绪容易失去控制。我曾经有过一个hotheaded的客户,我犯了一个错误,他就冲我大呼大叫。,5 – selling like hotcakes
热销,If a product is selling like hotcakes, it means a lot of people are buying the product very fast. A popular singer’s new CD will be selling like hotcakes as soon as it is released.
若是说一件产物“selling like hotcakes”这意味着产物抢手热销,卖得很快。一位盛行歌手的新CD可能一宣布就会很抢手。,6 – a hot spot
热门,This expression has two meanings. It can refer to a region where there is a lot of active conflict and violence. For example, if two countries were fighting about some territory on their border, and attacking each other, that would be a hot spot. It can refer to a place that is lively (a lot of activity) and popular, like a nightclub or a busy tourist place.
这个表达有两层寄义。它可以指冲突暴力发生较多的地方。例如,若是两个国家若是在界限上发生了领土冲突,并最先相互袭击,这个区域就会成为一个“热门”。它同时也可以指都会里某个充满活力、人气兴旺之地,好比说夜店某人流较多的旅游景点。,7 – a hot-button issue
热门话题,A hot-button issue is a controversial topic that people often have strong opinions about, so it can make people get passionate, emotional, or even angry when discussing it. Things like abortion and immigration tend to be hot-button issues.
hot-button issue指有争议性的话题,人们通常会对其有鲜明强烈的态度,因此这样的话题会让人投入讨论,情绪化,甚至在讨论的时刻生气。像堕胎、移民这样的话题就是热门话题。,8 – hot off the press
新鲜出炉(指书、杂志、报纸等),This expression refers to a publication (a book, magazine, newspaper, etc.) that has been printed and released very recently.
这个表达一样平常用于刚刚印刷宣布的出书物(一本书、杂志、报纸等)。,9 – full of hot air
夸夸其谈,Saying someone is full of hot air means the person is full of nonsense; they are saying things that are ridiculous and shouldn’t be taken seriously. For example, “Marketers are full of hot air. They make all these promises and then things are never as good as they claim.”
若是说某小我私人“full of hot air”,那就意味着这小我私人在夸夸其谈,竟说一些无厘头的事情,不能认真。例如,“搞推销的只会瞎扯,他们就会开空头支票,最后效果没有一个像他们答应的那样好。”,10 – hot under the collar
脖子发烧,If you are hot under the collar, it means you are angry. This expression refers to the fact that when you get angry, you often feel your body temperature rising.
若是你“hot under the collar”,那就说明你生气了。这个表达之以是云云,是由于人生气的时刻,脖颈部门的温度经常会上升。,11 – in hot water
水深火热,To be in hot water means to be in trouble, especially in a situation where you will be punished or someone will be mad at you. If your boss discovers you’ve been using your time at work to play computer games, you’ll be in hot water!
“In hot water”意味着你有穷苦了,尤其指那种你会受到责罚、别人会因你做得欠好而生气的情形。若是你的老板发现你上班时间玩电脑,那你就等着感受一番“水深火热”吧!,12 – have the hots for someone
贪恋一小我私人,This expression is an informal way to say “romantically/sexually attracted to someone.” For example, my sister has the hots for a guy in her writing class; she can’t stop thinking about him.
这个表达是用来形貌“心理上/心理上受某人吸引”的感受的随意说法。好比说,我的妹妹对她写作课同班同砚颇有贪恋,日思夜想,简直停不下来。,13 – hot to trot
摩拳擦掌,If someone is hot to trot, it means they are ready, willing, eager and enthusiastic to start something or to go ahead. Let’s say your company proposes a partnership with a non-profit organization; if the organization seems very excited about it and wants to move forward right away, they are hot to trot.
若是说某小我私人“hot to trot”,那就说明这小我私人已经摩拳擦掌、迫在眉睫、热情满涨地想要大干一场了。好比说,你的公司提出和一个非营利组织确立互助关系;若是谁人组织对这个提议十分感兴趣,而且想要马上最先,那他们就是“hot to trot”。,14 – hot on someone’s heels
紧追不舍,In a race or competition, being hot on someone’s heels means to be immediately behind them, in close pursuit. For example, the second-place runner can be hot on the heels of the runner in the lead. Or a company that is leading the market by a small margin might have a competitor that is hot on its heels.
在一场竞赛中,“being hot on someone’s heels”意味着在某人之后紧追不舍,寸尺遇上。例如,跑步竞赛中的第二名若是距第一名很近,那就是在厥后“紧追不舍”。或者一个仅仅以微薄优势领先市场的公司,可能就会有一个紧追不舍的竞争者。,15 – strike while the iron is hot
一气呵成,This expression means you should take advantage of especially good conditions to take some action now.
这个表达的意思是,你应该行使现在的优势条件先发制人。,For example, if you want to buy a house and there is a sudden drop in house prices, you should strike while the iron is hot and buy a house now while the prices are low.