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2015年外国人最憎恶的10个词,英语完形填空,不久前,美国《纽约时报》宣布了一项《2015年度最憎恶的10大英语词汇》,其中包罗‘Manspreading’,‘Vape’,‘So’等。这些词汇大多是被滥用、误用的,看看哪些词汇是你经常爱使用的吧~,1.So,So the word that received the most nominations this year was already banished,but today it is being used differently than it was in 1999,when nominators were saying,"I am SO down with this list!" Nominations came from across the country.
【上榜理由】,Tune in to any news channel and you'll hear it. The word serves no purpose in the sentence and to me is like fingernails on a chalkboard. So, I submit the extra, meaningless, and overused word “so.”-Scott Shackleton,Sault Ste.Marie,Mich.
险些在所有新闻里你都能听到。这个单词对整个详细来说毫无意义,对我而言它就像指甲划过黑板那样逆耳。以是,我以为“so”是个毫无意义,被滥用的单词。-Scott Shackleton,Sault Ste.Marie,Mich.
Online publications invite us to "join the conversation," which is usually more of a scream-fest. Gayle wonders if "debate has become too harsh for our delicate sensibilities. Now we are all encouraged to have a 'conversation,' and everything will somewhat be magically resolved."
【上榜理由】,Over the past five years or so, this word has been increasingly used by talking heads on radio, television and in political circles to describe every form of verbal communication known to mankind. It has replaced 'discussion', 'debate', 'chat' ,'discourse', 'argument', 'lecture', 'talk'….all of which can provide some context to the nature of the communication. Perhaps the users feel that it is a word that is least likely to offend people, but I consider it to be imprecise language that, over time, dumbs down the art of effective discourse.-Richard Fry, Marathon,Ont.
近五年来,这个单词在广播、电视、政治圈中使用的频率连续上升,只要是人类用语言相同的方面都市用“conversation”来表达。它已经取代了“discussion(讨论)”、“debate(争执)”、“chat(谈天)”、“discourse(叙述)”、“argument(争论)”、“lecture”(演讲)、“talk(语言)”等一切可以(在特定语境下)准确显示交流的寄义的词汇。可能使用者以为“conversation”这个单词是最不会冒犯别人的,但我以为这大大损害了语言的有用性和准确性。-Richard Fry, Marathon,Ont
"A corporate-academic weasel word," according to the Urban Dictionary.
【上榜理由】,Anything that the speaker finds vaguely inconvenient or undesirable, such as an opposing political belief or bad traffic. Contrast things that are self-evidently taken to be problematic with, say, actual problems like a hole in the ozone layer or a job loss.-Adam Rosen, Asheville,N.C.
任何稍微以为有些难表达或不受迎接的就用这个词来形容,像揭晓政治看法,或者谈论交通堵塞。许多环境问题或者失业等事情,普遍都知道“是个问题”,也用“problematic”这个词,不是画蛇添足吗?-Adam Rosen, Asheville,N.C.,4.Stakeholder
A word that has expanded from describing someone who may actually have a stake in a situation or problem, now being over-used in business to describe customers and others.
【上榜理由】,Often used with “engagement.” If someone is disengaged, they're not really a stakeholder in the first place. LSSU, please engage your stakeholders by adding this pretentious jargon to your list.-Gwendolyn Barlow, Portland,Ore.
"Stakeholder"这个单词常与"engagement"一起使用。若是某股东撤股了,那他固然就不是股东了。求LSSU大学的相关职员将这个夸张的行话入选榜单!-Gwendolyn Barlow, Portland,Ore
5.Price point
Another example of using two words when one will do.
【上榜理由】,“This alliterative mutation seems to be replacing the word ‘price’ or ‘cost.’ It may be standard business-speak, but must it contaminate everyday speech?” says Kevin Carney of Chicago, who provided an example in the March 19,2015 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine,pg.1171, which says,"Although the 'price point' of effective new drugs...may initially be out of reach for many patients..."
来自芝加哥的Kevin Carney说:”这个押头韵的短语看似替换了“price”或“cost”。它是可以用于商务用语,但在一样平常用语中也非要这么用吗?“他还举例:“在2015年3月19日的医疗杂志中写道:Although the ‘price point’ of effective new drugs...may initially be out of reach for many patients...” 这里用price(价钱)不就好了,何须用price point(价钱点)呢?,6.Break the Internet
A phrase that is annoying online word-watchers around the world.
【上榜理由】,An annoying bit of hyperbole about the latest saucy picture or controversy that is already becoming trite.
7.Walk it back
A slower back-pedal?
【上榜理由】,"It seems as if every politician who makes a statement has to 'walk it back', meaning retract the statement, or explain it in laborious detail to the extent that the statement no longer has any validity or meaning once it has been 'walked back'"-Max Hill.
这个短语似乎每个做陈述的政治家都市“walk it back”,意思就是撤回声明,或者异常详细的注释一旦被'walked back'(撤回)这个声明不再有任何效力和意义。-Max Hill
This shortened form of 'press release' and 'press conference' is not so impressive.
“press release”(媒体报道)和“press conference”(新闻宣布会)这两个简称不是那么深得人心。
Not only is there no intelligent connection between the word 'presser' and its supposed meaning, this word already has a definition: a person or device that removes wrinkles. Let's either say ‘press conference’ or ‘press release’ or come up with something more original, intelligent and interesting!-Constance Kelly.
“不只Presser和它想解释的寄义之间没有什么明确联系,而且这个词原本已经有“压制工”或者“压榨机”的意思了。要么说“press release”(媒体报道)或“press conference”(新闻宣布会)”,要么就和原始的、机智的和有趣的事物联系起来。-Constance Kelly,9.Giving me life,The phrase refers to anything that may excite a person, or something that causes one to laugh.
【上榜理由】,投票人以为这个词组被滥用了,也夸张过了头。, 10.Physicality
We had to include one for the sports fans. John Kollig of Jamestown, N.Y., says this is overused by every sports broadcaster and writer.
我们得为体育兴趣者选这个单词。John Kollig说,险些每个体育播音员或撰稿人都爱滥用这个单词。
【上榜理由】,“I am not sure who is responsible, but over the last 12-18 months you cannot watch a sporting event, listen to a sports talk show on radio, or anything on ESPN without someone using this term to attempt to describe an athlete or a contest.”-Dan Beitzel.
不知道谁该为这个词认真。但在已往的一年多,只要你看体育赛事、听体育节目,任何体育频道里,都有人用这个词来形容某个运发动或竞赛。-Dan Beitzel.