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课本上学不到的30个口语表达,倍速英语点读,01 I was like, "What?!",(someone) was like... 口语中用于表达某人的一种反映,好比说的话或头脑流动,▷ He was like, "Hold on, wait for me!"
他说,等下,等等我。,▷ I saw it on her face – she was like "Yo, leave me out of this!"
我瞥见她脸上都写着呢,她一脸的“嘿,别把我扯进来!”,02 That takes guts!,(something) takes guts 做某事需要勇气。Guts本意是内脏,引申为胆子。,▷Being a police officer takes guts, for sure.
显然,当警员很需要勇气。,03 All right, so much for that one.,so much for (something) 人们放弃做一件事或起劲泡汤的时刻常说的话。,▷It's already ten thirty? So much for getting an early start!
都十点半了?得了,不用想早起的事了!,▷Oh no! He saw us? So much for keeping it a surprise.
哦漏!他瞥见我们了?好吧,什么惊喜都没了。,04 We nailed it!,nailed it 圆满完成某件事,或说得完全准确。Nail本意是钉钉子。,▷That's so true. He's nailed it.
确实云云,他的看法一针见血。,Kill it也可以指事情完成得超乎意料地好。,▷ Louise has been killing it! Louise
干得漂亮!,05 I knew you'd give me a hard time about it!,give…a hard time about… 跟某人过不去、冷笑某人、难为某人。,▷ When I was growing up, the other kids used to give me a hard time because of my weight. But I just tried to ignore them.
小时刻由于我的体重,其他的孩子一直在取笑我。然则我只管不理他们。,▷Come on! Why do you have to give me a hard time about that? I told you: I had to work.
请托,干嘛老拿这事儿跟我过不去,我都说了,我要事情了。,06 I might be 90 years old, but I'm still young at heart!,might… but… 也许……然则……,可以用来委婉地否认别人的看法。,▷Paris might be popular, but I don’t want to live there.
巴黎可能是一个很受迎接的地方,然则我不想住在那里。,07 I couldn't agree more.,couldn’t agree more “不能更赞成”,示意强烈赞成对方的看法。强烈差异意也能说couldn't disagree more。,▷- I think that this is a great opportunity. - I couldn’t agree more.
-我以为这是一个异常好的时机。 -完全赞许。,08 Just do it already!,Just… already! 赶快的做某事!这个短语一样平常都是在埋怨对方反映太慢,显示一种不耐性的态度。,▷I've been hearing about this girl for weeks. Just ask her out already!
我听你念叨这个女人已经好几周了,求你快约她吧!,09 Strangely enough, I just bought a bike.,strangely enough, … 遇到巧合或惊讶的事时的表达,可以翻译为真巧、真稀奇。,▷若是你和小李同时找到了新事情,就可以说: Strangely enough, I just got a new job as well.
真巧,我也刚找到一份新事情。,10 Could you give me a few pointers?,give someone pointers 给某人一些建议。Pointer指建议、提醒、线索。,▷You're not holding that quite right. Do you want me to give you a few pointers?
你握的方式不太对,你要我给你一些建议吗?,11 Yeah, it's decent.,decent 不错,挺好的。,▷-This soup isn't bad at all!
这汤味道还不错嘛!,-Yeah, it's decent.
嗯,挺好的。,12 Who are you to talk?,who... to talk? 示意某人没有资格揭晓意见或指斥别人,由于他/她自己也做得不够好。,▷Who are you to talk? You’re just as messy as me.
你有啥资格说我?你跟我一样邋遢。,▷He's so disorganized. But who am I to talk? I can't even keep track of what day of the week it is.
他超级迷糊。不外我也好不到哪去,我连今天是星期几都搞不清。,13 Is it just me, or is it hot in here?,Is it just me, or…? 这是一种委婉的埋怨,一样平常都是在看对方是否有同样的意见。,▷Is it just me, or are these seats even more cramped than normal?
是只有我一小我私人这么以为么,这个座位是不是比一样平常的更挤啊?,14 Did I leave my book at your place, by any chance?,by any chance 口语中常用这一表达来询问是否有某种可能。,▷Are you by any chance free tonight?
你今晚有没有空呀?,15 The last thing I want is to hurt you.,The last thing I want is…
我最不愿意做的事情就是……,▷The last thing I want is to cause an argument on your birthday, but this is a serious problem.
我很不想在你的生日争吵,但这是一个很严重的问题。,16 Are tomatoes still in season?,be in season 示意某种蔬果是当季的。,▷I think pears are in season soon.
我以为吃梨的季节要到了。,也可以说It's... season:,▷It's strawberry season. We should go pick some at the farm down the road.
到了吃草莓的季节了。我可以去农场采摘草莓了。,17 Don't get all impatient.,all 在口语表达中,形容词前加一个all,可以增强情绪色彩,通常是表达负面情绪。,▷He gave me his old computer, but it's all old and crappy.
他把自己的旧电脑给我用,然则那电脑又老又破。,18 Summer will be over before you know it.,before you know it 示意事情过得异常快。,▷Before you know it, you'll be finished with school. 很快的,你就会结业了。,19 I've never gotten into baseball for some reason.,get into something 对某事感兴趣。,▷I've been getting into history lately.
我最近对历史大感兴趣。,20 Man! You're on fire!,on fire 本意是着火了,引申意是指人的状态稀奇好。,▷Lewandowski is on fire, scoring five goals in nine minutes. Lewandowski
状态神勇,在短短九分钟内就打进五颗球。,21 I find it hard to relate to him sometimes.,relate to someone/something 明白、接受某人某事,与之有同感、有共识。,▷I can relate to this story. Same thing happened to me.
我对这个故事异常有共识,同样的事情也发生在我身上过。,22 I report to John.,report to someone 向某人汇报,这一表达常用来说明某人的直接上司是谁。,▷Jane reports to the Sales Manager.
Jane的直接向导是销售司理。,在某人手下干活,就可以说work under:,▷Do you still work under John?
你的向导照样John吗?,23 You bet!,you bet 意思是“You can bet money on that”(你可以压钱赌一把),说明你完全赞成对方的看法、提议等。,▷-Are you coming to the party? 趴体你会来吧? -You bet! 固然来!,-May I borrow your hammer? 可以借你的锤子用下么? -You bet! 固然!,24 Good thinking! That would be great.,good thinking 好主意,跟good idea赞成。,▷-Why don’t we take a rest?
我们休息一下吧?,- Good thinking.
好主意。,25 It's way past your bedtime!,way past Way相当于"far",这个表达是远远跨越某个点的意思。,▷There's no use apologizing now. We're way past that point.
现在致歉已经没意义了。太晚了。(示意你绝对不会原谅他了……),26 What? That's nuts!,That's nuts! Nuts是异常口语化的表达,示意“crazy”疯了。,▷-We hiked 45 miles in two days.
我们两天徒步走了45英里。,-Whoa, that's nuts! Really?
哇~太疯狂了!真的吗?,27 Oh, that sucks!,(something) sucks 在谈论糟糕的、让人失望的、不幸的事情时,人们常用这个表达。正式场所慎用。,▷My computer sucks! I need to get a new one.
我的电脑糟糕透了!我要买个新的。,28 So, what's your story?,What's (someone's) story? 人们常用这一表达来询问不太熟悉的人的信息。相当于说, "Tell me more about that person",再说说那人的情形吧。,▷You know that guy you introduced me to at your party? What's his story? 你在派对上先容我熟悉的那小我私人,你很熟吗?跟我说说他吧?,若是你对某人说,what's your story? 意思就是让对方自我先容一下。,29 I didn't mean to walk in on you.,walk in on someone / something 走进一个地方打扰了内里的人或正在举行的事,通常是些尴尬的事……,▷Someone walked in on me while I was in the bathroom.
我在浴室的时刻突然有人走进来……,30 He's around fiftyish, I'd say.,-ish 口语中,在一个词后面加-ish,就即是说"a little bit" ,"kind of",给人一种约莫的、模糊的、不确定的感受。,▷Come over at 12-ish.
12点左右过来。,▷That color is blue-ish.